To optimise the dredging process it is important to control the hydraulic transport of soil through a pipeline. To enhance operational safety and to avoid problems such as clogging of the discharge piping, MBG-Systems delivers the suitable instrumentation:


MBG Systems Density Meter

The MBG-Systems density meter is ideally suited for continuous density measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids. It measures without making contact with the process material.

- Download Documentation for MBG-Systems Density Meter


MBG Systems FlowmeterThe MBG-Systems flowmeter measures the volume flowrate of slurries and is made of a steel tube with fixed rubber liner and build up coils in an IP65 watertight housing.

- Download Documentation for MBG-Systems Flow Meter


MBG Systems Yield Indicator Cross NeedleThe MBG-Systems yield indicator is an analogue cross-needle indicator. It shows the operator in real time the dredging production in the discharge line.

- Download Documentation for MBG-Systems Yield Indicator


MBG Systems Front View Production Calculation UnitThe MBG-Systems production calculation unit is designed to calculate and display the amount of dredged material. The counter has a touchscreen for displaying the amount of dredged material and is easy to operate.

- Download Documentation for MBG-Systems Production Calculator

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